recommended manga --  liar game by shinobu kaitani

"All of you believe that the Liar Game is all about rewarding the best liar, don’t you? Well, I sure don’t. I believe that the Liar Game…is all about conquering that desire within you to lie and succumb to your greed. It’s a game that tests whether or not you can remain an honest and upright individual." — Kanzaki Nao

Make me choose: Sheva or Helena

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Make me choose: Resident evil 4 or Resident evil 5

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manga meme (1/6 female characters) ; 

"i had always believed that trusting others was ‘good’ and doubting others was ‘bad’. but because of this, i never really got to know my friends. even though we were able to make conversation as if we were close… when exactly was it, i wonder, that i started to run away from trying to understand their true thoughts and feelings?"kanzaki nao, liar game


Make Me Choose Claire or Chris;

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"You have 3 minutes… I’m sorry.”


Eventhough it’s a reskin of another alt. This is my favorite, casual dress, outfit for Jill so far. It’s definitely more practical than what she wore in canon. LOL!

favorite video game series ( 1/ ?? )
 silent hill

in my restless dreams, i see that town. silent hill. you promised 
you'd take me there again someday. but you never did. well i'm alone
there now…