October 14, 2014

October 14, 2014

Jill Valentine + Bruised & Battered for jIIIvalentine


"I Guess I am getting older." 

─═≡Jill Valentine [Lost in Nightmares]

Resident Evil Outbreak Concept Art

6 pictures of Silent Hill; requested by stelladeus


 Claire Redfield and Moira Burton’s Character Descriptions from the Official Revelations 2 Site (x)


Famitsu scans & details of Resident Evil Revelations 2!

Here’s some of the information included in the magazine article (warning: The translation might not be very accurate. Also, watch out for spoilers):

  • Moira Burton is a new staff member of Terra Save. She’s the 20 year old daughter of Barry Burton. She generally has a cheerful personality. But she’s also known for using harsh language at times.
  • The headquarters of Terra Save is attacked by a special forces unit.
  • The attackers believe that Claire is a spy. One that has been disclosing confidential information. Both Claire and Moira are kidnapped.
  • Claire finds herself alone inside a prison cell on an island. She discovers a mysterious bracelet on her wrist.
  • She later finds Moira, who is also trapped inside the facility.
  • Claire and Moira set out to explore their surroundings in order to find clues that will lead them to freedom.
  • Moira has no combat experience. And cannot use any weapons. However, she can use a flashlight to help Claire see her surroundings. The flashlight can also momentously blind the enemies. Very convenient!
  • Players can switch between both characters in real-time. However, the game is designed to be played mainly with Claire.
  • The new enemies are known as ‘The Infected’. They react like wild animals around humans. And will attack them mercilessly until they’re dead.
  • They apparently find someone who is familiar to them. That person dies.