Original comic from hiimdaisy  ( I can’t find the comic page)

Original comic from hiimdaisy  ( I can’t find the comic page)

Deadly Parental Bonds: The Corruption and Redemption of Family in Deadly Premonition


[content warning: discussion of murder, child abuse, rape, and endgame spoilers for Deadly Premonition]

Today we’re going to take a break from discussing supporting characters to take another look at the undeniably bewildering but inexplicably fun Deadly Premonition.

Deadly Premonition is a strange mixture of coherence and incoherence. Much of the game is deliberately strange, which can make the narrative difficult to piece together, but there are several overarching themes that unify much of the odd game.

One of those themes is family, especially the strange, complicated bonds between parents and children. And given the darkness of the game, most of these relationships are twisted and abusive.


But even in the dark and bizarre world of Deadly Premonition, there is hope and redemption to be found in familial bonds. The heart of the game is the journey of young Zach from traumatized orphan to protector and savior of the entire town of Greenvale as he finally destroys the selfish “fathers” who abuse it..

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