Deadly Premonition - Sinner sandwich
Hi, it's me again, the anon who asked for your opinion about what happend inbetween Sherry's story. :) Well, you should know what RE6 fucked alot of things up, and Leon and Sherry's conncetion after the events were the least of the game's problems. >_> But yeah, it seems Claire's the only one who cared about Sherry's well-being, seeing as the files mention she started visiting Sherry after the events of CV. And Leon, well...Leon's a uncaring dick, as usual.


"You’re our only hope to survive this."


Jill Valentine is very important

These lips are sealed
Fabletown’s catchphrase

"For a future without fear. Yeah, it’s worth it."


Jill, saved from Wesker’s control, asking Chris and Sheva for forgiveness.

Can you do a Aeon gifset with the lyrics of "Invisible Touch" by Genesis?

Done :D